Party, event or exhibition? With PlayWood everything is possible!

Do you need to set up a club, a party or an event?
Whatever your needs are, PlayWood is the ideal partner to create a functional and sustainable location.


Our modular furniture can be assembled in few minutes and comfortably transported flat-pack. They are ideal for events, happenings, pop-up stores and temporary exhibitions. PlayWood furnishings allow you to create versatile and modular structures. They are the easiest to assemble, thanks to the use of our connectors.


For example, the furniture in the image was created with four Cross Connectors and 16 Connectors 90°.


12Board 35 x 35 cm
4PlayWood Cross Connectors
16PlayWood connectors 90°
1Allen key #5


Modular display structures, fittings for shops, showcases and events, thanks to the new cross connectors you can realize a whole range of furniture. Discover the infinite possibilities and the incredible ease of use, with our assembly system you can create shelving, totems and displays of all shapes and materials.


Solid, light and re-usable, our connectors allow you to transform simple panels into furniture, in an economic and creative way.


Choose how to manage your space and have fun designing with PlayWood!