Improve the quality of the environment: get some green!

If you want to redo the look of your space by adding a little green, follow our advice and you will get a corner of paradise!


Combine four cubes using the cross connectors to obtain a unique structure that allows you to organize and stylishly cover the plants of your plants.
The furniture obtained can be used to separate an environment, organize an outdoor area or a terrace.


12Board 35 x 35 cm
4PlayWood Cross Connectors
16PlayWood connectors 90°
1Allen key #5


Plants reduce domestic pollution, so consider them an important part of furniture.
Plants are fundamental because they give color and a sense of welcome to the room where they are placed. They play a decisive role in reducing domestic pollution: scientific studies on this aspect date back to the 1980s, when NASA thoroughly evaluated the ability of indoor plants to purify the air.


An example is Aloe vera, from the succulent family. Easy to grow, it is important to place it near a window well lit by natural sunlight.
Aloe is known, not only for its beneficial properties on the body, but also for its positive impact on the domestic environment. It counteracts the action of benzene and formaldehyde. Green design is increasingly trendy. Do you have a passion for plants and want to make an office or your home green and lively?


Here is the solution: in just a few minutes you can build the right furniture to best accommodate your plants.