DIY sideboard & TV stand

The living room is one of the most central rooms in a house. Here we show a project easy to create which will help you to furnish in a functional way. A modern design DIY piece of furniture: a mix of aestethics and practicality, thanks to PlayWood assembly system.


In the images we have been using wooden boards of thickness between 16 and 19 mm (¾” and ⅞”) and PlayWood connectors 90°. In order to easily move your furniture, we suggest you to use 4 wheels to create a portable consolle even in small places.


2fir layers board 40 x 30 cm – 15,75” x 11,81”
2fir layers board 100 x 30 cm – 39,37” x 11,81”
1fir layers board 100 x 40 cm – 39,37” x 15,75”
4wheels Ø 5 cm
1rubber band L 10 m – 32,80 ft
12PlayWood connectors 90°
1Allen key #5


Start by assembling a rectangular structure: on the top surface you can locate all the electronics devices. At the bottom you can create a sort of bookshelf DVDs or magazines. To create this shelf, drill the boards by making 4 holes on each side: here you can insert the rubber band to obtain a modern and personal furniture.


As a last step you have to fix the 4 wheels, one in each corner and in few minutes the sideboard is ready to be used and transported on demand.