Pop-up shop modular shelves

Are you looking for functional and resistant shelves for your pop-up shop? Here a DIY kit of modular shelves for exhibits. Simple OSB and white bilaminated boards of thickness between 16 and 19 mm (¾” and ⅞”). A practical and quick to assemble structure, flat-pack and light to be transported.


6OSB + white bilaminate edged boards 60 x 40 cm – 23,62” x 15,75”
6OSB + white bilaminate edged boards 40 x 30 cm – 15,75” x 11,81”
30PlayWood connectors 90°
1Allen key #5


The project can be built both in an horizontal or vertical sense by constructing two levels of rectangles where to exhibit your products.

As a first step, build the basement using the longest wooden boards and join them through PlayWood Connectors’ system. Then add three smaller wooden boards in correspondance of each connector in a vertical sense: the side walls of the shelves are done. To add more rectangles to the structure, repeat the same operation and you will get another level of shelves.

In few steps, a modular, easy to transport and disassemble furniture.

Thanks to PlayWood connectors, you will be able to redesign your project on the basis of the space at disposal.