Pop-up shop DIY counter

Do you wish to renew pop-up shop furniture and enhance your products?


PlayWood is showing a customizable and modular solution. You can use recycled materials and the structures are easily re-asssemblable if the store location is changing.


Thank to PlayWood assembly system, you can have a modern, functional and elegant space: all the materials can be used once again when you will have to move your working activity. PlayWood projects are designed to be easily disassemblable in case of relocation or change of needs.


Here below we present you a modern counter where to welcome your customers together with some modular shelves to exhibit your products.

Use PlayWood connectors and wooden boards of OSB 3 and white bilaminate edged of thickness between
16 and 19 mm (¾” and ⅞”); other woods or materials can be used as well.


2wooden boards 100 x 40 cm – 39,37″ x 15,75″
1wooden board 100 x 60 cm – 39,37″ x 23,62″
1wooden board 60 x 40 cm – 23,62″ x 15,75″
8PlayWood connectors 90°
1Allen key #5



Join four PlayWood connectors to the widest wooden board, which will become the front of the counter.You can customize it with your brand logo.


Once all the panels are linked together with the connectors, the structure is ready to be lifted up: the counter can be positioned and used! In few minutes, a solid and modular furniture suitable to your working needs.