Modern bookcases or functional partitions? Both!

Modular bookcases adapt to the environments with elegance and simplicity.

Modular bookcases adapt to the environments with elegance and simplicity. They can be used on the walls or, as suggested in the image, to create partitions between different environments or workstations. Simplicity, versatility and low cost are often the keys to success: we have created a piece of furniture that can be realized with 16 panels, 8 cross connectors and 16 connectors 90°.
The bookcase or dividing wall is composed of a modern and particular 5-diamond structure.


16Board 35 x 35 cm
8PlayWood Cross Connectors
16PlayWood connectors 90°
1Allen key #5


No tools and endless shapes. Drill newcomers can rest easy, because the assembly is really within everyone’s reach: the PlayWood clamps are enough to make it up and a single Allen key is enough to fit the elements and make this library solid and perfectly functional. Ideal for work spaces or home, the bookcase can also be used as a self-supporting partition wall, thanks to its container cubes.


Compose your library, make your space fun and sophisticated.