DIY workbench

We present you this workbench to solve many garage problems and make it multifunctional.


It is ideal for:

  • Create a structure where to realize projects
  • Organizing and storing power tools and other household items in the lower shelves

Thanks to this furniture, you will not mislay your tools anymore and above all, you will have a proper space to develop your projects. PlayWood answers to these needs by proposing a dynamic and functional workbench: sectors to store small items, solid and wide shelves to work in a professional way.

For this furniture realization, we have been using fir layers boards of thickness between 16 and 19 cm (3/4″ and 7/8″).


8fir layers boards 80 x 40 cm – 31,50″ x 15,75″
12PlayWood connectors 90°
1allen key #5


In the first place, assemble the panels and obtain two rectangles: one of them will be the workbench; the other one will be covered with a panel and will become the storage for wooden pieces or bigger tools. Link the wooden boards with PlayWood connectors, withouth nailing or drilling the materials: that means you will use the materials again and create a new project.


This innovative system lets you design each furniture on the basis of your personal needs. What’s best about DIY? Don’t loose time anymore, start now!