Objets d’Art

The flexible dukta wood panels are not only ideal for functional furniture and interior design; their bendability and visual appeal have already inspired us to create a variety of artful wooden objects. A simple piece of wood can be made into a fascinating piece of art through the ingenious use of incisions.


The sculpture Trivis fascinate through its many shapes. Depending on your point of view the wooden piece forms a perfect circle, a pair of wings or a hyperbolic paraboloid.
Price on request:info@vork.com.tw


This wooden knot is a great example of the flexibility the dukta method can provide to solid wood bars. We manufacture the knots in different executions. Wood types, sizes and price are provided upon request.


The TIRA series features raw logs of wood, which have been cut using the dukta process. Testing the flexibility limits by making incisions either along or across the grain of the wood. Wood types, sizes and price are provided upon request.